Cancer Rehabilitation

Our Cancer Exercise Specialist is skilled in evaluating health behaviors and
risk factors, conducting comprehensive fitness assessments, writing appropriate exercise recommendations, and motivating individuals to modify negative health habits and maintain positive lifestyle behaviors for health promotion.

Barbara is a certified Cancer Exercise Specialist who assists individuals going through the cancer process with appropriate exercise recommendations and motivation for a positive lifestyle.

Barbara began a personal training program at The Cancer Wellness Center in
Northbrook Illinois.

I am a fifty year old female ovarian cancer survivor on dialysis with osteoarthritis.

Before training with Barbara I was so weak from chemo treatments that I could barely pick up a can of soup.  Training has improved my strength and I am now preparing for a 5K hand cycle race.

Working with Barbara has given me more confidence and increased my ability to balance. Right now I am learning yellow belt forms in Karate.  Once I master these forms I will be able to earn an orange belt.

If you are looking to improve your overall physical health and enhance your body awareness I recommend working out with Barbara.  Attending a personal training session with her is an excellent opportunity which will meet your needs.