Personal Training

Abdominal and back muscles function as a stable unit to protect your core. The mid-section is the liaison between your lower and upper body, therefore a strong core not only promotes better balance and stability but an awareness of your body in space.

We train multidimensional to imitate everyday life moment.

Mind-to-muscle connection: the ability to visualize the muscle you
are working moving through its full range of motion.

Developing this ability can substantially improve results while decreasing the potential for injury.

We are available for one-on-one and small group training.

Barbara is a fabulous trainer. She's a great motivator, full of energy! She consistently changes the work out so you NEVER feel bored with your workout. She definitely has changed my life as I never worked out before and now I look forward to working out with her. Her upbeat attitude and high energy is definitely contagious and is a pleasure. I highly recommend her as a trainer; she is professional, knows her business and is tuned into and listens to her clients needs (& issues). ... Karen M